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Conditions has shown benefit from Facial Reflexology


Skin care



Arthritic conditions

Bells Palsy


Digestive issues

Hormone imbalance





Stroke Rehabilitation

And many more…

Children and young adult’s Facial Reflex-Therapy has been used since 1978 to help them with an assortment of diverse problems. Most common is with the child having difficulty in school. Such problems as; difficulty remaining in seat, learning challenges, problems concentrating , weak memory and recall, peers causing emotional disturbances, stress and anxiety. 



A 6 years old child with Autism - He was uneasy to be touched during the therapy session in the beginning.  After receiving a few sessions, he became more comfortable with the therapy. Now he looks forward to once a week session. Since the start of the therapy, there’s a remarkable difference in his behavior.  Now he draws picture using many colors. (Prior to the therapy, he only drew in black and white)  His conversational skills have improved, also.


A woman who was diagnosed with a uterine/cervix cancer was told to have an operation to remove the tumor.  She has opted to receive Facial Reflexology and continued her therapy everyday for 9 months.  After receiving the therapy, the tumor size has decreased and she’s now on observation without having to go through with the operation.


A woman who had a total hysterectomy was suffering from insomnia, anorexia, depression and digestive tract problems.  After receiving 2 sessions, her appetite has increased and was able to sleep through the night.  After completing 6 sessions, she has gained weight and recovering from her depression.


A woman was able to regulate her menstrual cycle after 2 therapy sessions.  Her period was stopped for 8 months prior to the therapy.

​5women who were not readily given a child,succeed in having a baby.

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