Conditions has shown benefit from Facial Reflexology


Skin care



Arthritic conditions

Bells Palsy


Digestive issues

Hormone imbalance





Stroke Rehabilitation

And many more…

Children and young adult’s Facial Reflex-Therapy has been used since 1978 to help them with an assortment of diverse problems. Most common is with the child having difficulty in school. Such problems as; difficulty remaining in seat, learning challenges, problems concentrating , weak memory and recall, peers causing emotional disturbances, stress and anxiety. 

Facial Reflexology  


Facial reflexology was developed by Lone Sorensen in Denmark. It is a complimentary therapy that combines three ancient therapies with modern science of neurology.  It is the combination of traditional oriental medicine, South American Zone Therapy, and Vietnamese face maps and points to our most current knowledge of neuro-anatomy. 


Facial Reflexology therapist examines the face to address the area of possible imbalance. Areas with imbalances are often accumulating deposits (toxins).  By stimulating these facial pressure/trigger points and loosening the deposits, it will increase lymphatic and blood circulations, improves body function, and balances the hormones.  


Treatment is customized to each individual’s needs to regain optimal physical, psychological and energetic health. Everyone can benefit from this therapy no matter of your age and skin types.



A 6 years old child with Autism - He was uneasy to be touched during the therapy session in the beginning.  After receiving a few sessions, he became more comfortable with the therapy. Now he looks forward to once a week session. Since the start of the therapy, there’s a remarkable difference in his behavior.  Now he draws picture using many colors. (Prior to the therapy, he only drew in black and white)  His conversational skills have improved, also.


A woman who was diagnosed with a uterine/cervix cancer was told to have an operation to remove the tumor.  She has opted to receive Facial Reflexology and continued her therapy everyday for 9 months.  After receiving the therapy, the tumor size has decreased and she’s now on observation without having to go through with the operation.


A woman who had a total hysterectomy was suffering from insomnia, anorexia, depression and digestive tract problems.  After receiving 2 sessions, her appetite has increased and was able to sleep through the night.  After completing 6 sessions, she has gained weight and recovering from her depression.


A woman was able to regulate her menstrual cycle after 2 therapy sessions.  Her period was stopped for 8 months prior to the therapy.

​5women who were not readily given a child,succeed in having a baby.