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Facial Reflexology    60 min $120/ 3 session $320/ 6 session $650

The treatment begins by gently stimulating acupressure points releasing endorphins and serotonin to bring balance and serenity. A smooth gentle massage is conducted to find the largest deposit in your lower layer of facial tissue. The location of this deposit tells us which organ or system is your root cause of imbalance.We then go on to stimulate the face in the disciplines mentioned above.
This stimulation works through the central nervous system to the brain and then onto the organ. The face with over 500 points offers the shortest path to the brain, offering us greater success and effectiveness. After your session you not only feel serene and relaxed, your inner health is balancing and your outer self is rejuvenated and glowing.

 Face lift Reflexology  80 mim $140/ 3 session $380/ 6 session $710 (60min FRGift)

This facial is very popular in Japan with public figures and actors, for both men and women. Not only does it lift and rejuvenate the face, but it contains the stimulation of 24 neuro-points, triggering ones endorphins and serotonin.The Japanese Lifting obviously treats the superior layer of the epidermis, but it  also deeply works the meridians and facial nerves, activating the zones related to the meridians and the central nervous system, in order to achieve a complete balance in the face and the whole body. The face lift improves blood circulation, elimination of toxins, oxygenation of tissues and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Following a continuous treatment, this sort of therapy can reduce wrinkles and flaccidity, and improve the texture of the skin. It also helps to eliminate pigmentation spots and acne. It is possible to improve the emotional state by stimulating classic acupuncture points in the face.

Extra costamize 15 min $30


It is an approach of immune strengthening targeting the spinal nerve. It is used for numbness, sensory paralysis, whiplash, lumbago, sciatica, urine leakage, trauma occurring

in emotional ups and downs.

Ocular therapy Cosmo eye


This treatment boasts outstanding immediate effect against cosmetic troubles such as Puffy eyes, swelling of the eyes, sagging of the eyelids, etc., in addition to various troubles concerning the visual field and eyesight, and attracting attention in the beauty care industry

of the world as well. Everyone will be surprised at the moment when open their eyes after the procedure, the lightness of their eyelids, the breadth of vision.

Color therapy

Human’s converts light to energy, which activates biochemical reactions in cells, stimulates metabolism, strengthens the immune system and helps the body to restore balance. 

Home Care  lessons ★★★★★     

Face lift 30 min $10 (4 times)

Learn the deep breathing technique and pressure points to relax and stimulate facial muscles.  Improve lymphatic system to detox, lift and tighten you face.


Lose weight Stretching  30min $15 (4 times)

It’s important to work your whole body.  Body stretching is a key exercise for healthy skin and body.  Learn the deep breathing technique,correct posture through body stretching and improve your overall health.

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