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Harumi is a licensed esthetician who is the first one to introduce Facial Reflexology to Hawaii  


After studying ballet for 25 years at various ballet companies in Japan, she had to give up her love for ballet because of an injury.  She shifted her focus on studying Yoga and Taichi.  She also took an interest in learning Oriental medicine where it focuses on bringing the body’s own healing power.  


Through her research, she met Lone Sorensen who has developed Facial Reflexology.  She studied Facial Reflexology at International Medical Spa in Tokyo and Instituto de Reflexo in Sapin.  She received Mastered Instituto de Reflexo diploma in 2009 and Neuro Foot Reflexology Parxis Veterbrailis diploma in 2010.


Harumi moved to Hawaii in 2010 and obtained her esthetician license, and started to practice Facial Reflexology at local luxurious wellness Spa.  She was introduced as the first Facial Reflexology Therapist in Hawaii on KHON-TV’s morning news in August of 2011.

She started FR course Instructor in Hawaii with Lone Sorensen Since this year 2018

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